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Fitting technology to people, as opposed to fitting people to technology. The goal is to find the correct fit.

When looking at this workstation setup, most would consider it a good ergonomic setup. We at Ergonomic Evolution would also agree that it is "good" setup, but not great. Our "New School" approach would say that this is a good starting point.  "Old School" ergonomics would say that this is the perfect setup. Work environments vastly vary and so do the people who perform in those work environments. It is common knowledge that the more we move (i.e. exercise), the healthier our bodies become. When we emphasize positional variance while working our body's react positively to the natural movement that it requires. Just like when we change our position while sleeping, our bodies still require variation while working.

Ergonomics = Human Centered Design

Don't Just Sit There....
Ergonomic Sitting Ergonomic Standing
We take the four main workplace considerations into our application of ergonomics. As you can see, all four are connected. Even when you are sitting at your desk you are still moving. We encourage that!
The future of ergonomics! Sit-to-stand workstations. The best postion is the next postition.



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