Workstation Safety Plus provides an e-learning solution that is supported by the PACE management system, empowering employees to reduce all discomfort issues via customized tasks.

The PACE Management system provides managers with the necessary tools to quantitatively track the reduction of all office ergonomic issues. For those continuing to experiencing discomfort, PACE provides templates for telephonic and ergonomic desk assessment assistance and recording.

Workstation Safety Plus - Interactive Risk Assessment, Ergonomic Evaluation Software for businesses.

Our solutions are carefully designed to provide measurable changes in behavior leading to reduced injuries and insurance costs. Where legislation is a factor (such as the CAL-OSHA’s Ergonomic Regulations) Workstation Safety Plus provides all the tools needed to achieve compliance.

Cardinus offers a choice of deployment methods - intranet or hosted delivery. With intranet delivery the software is installed directly on your server(s). Our hosted service is delivered via Cardinus’ secure servers. Whichever method you choose, Cardinus software is designed from the outset to be secure, reliable and highly scalable.


PACE, Cardinus’ administration module, identifies employees who are required to
complete Workstation Safety Plus including new-starters, movers, etc.
Your employee will complete the training and self-risk assessment. Multiple assessments
may be undertaken for those employees who work from more than one location.
This employee will be provided with a customizable personal action plan to deal with
any issues by themselves or with their line manager.
All information will be saved back into PACE. Administrators will easily identify
employees based on their risk profile.
Low risk
Automated emails will provide
proactive advice and guidance.
Encouragement will be given to
the employee to undertake the
adjustments identified in the
personal action plan.
Medium risk
Automated emails will provide
more detailed advice.
Encouragement will be given
to each employee to follow the
advice provided in their personal
action plan until an administrator
can intervene (if necessary).

High risk
(usually pain related)
Automated emails will provide
proactive advice to help your
employee reduce their symptoms
until intervention can take place.

If the user requires intervention, PACE will provide reports and tools to allow
an administrator to identify risk and assign tasks for resolution.
If a user needs specialist intervention (occupational health, physical therapist,
etc), PACE will provide additional validated assessment forms for your
administrators to complete. These may also be used by external consultants
to ensure your entire record set is complete and held in one place.
RISK REDUCED Throughout, PACE will provide automated emails and other functionality to engage
your employees during the risk management process.


When all said and done, the Cardinus Workstation Safety Plus and PACE makes implementing an ergonomics program quick and easy. Being able to administrate and document all ergonomic your companies risk factors will make improvements simple and the data you gather will quantify a serious ROI (Return On Investment)

The program is easy to setup, training is included, customizing to your business and equipment is easy, user licenses are transferrable, all data is your property, and the worry of becoming ergonomic compliant is over. Companies that are using Cardinus Workplace Safety Plus are - SHELL, Procter & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, Yahoo, Bloomberg Inc. and many others.

To pilot Workstation Safety Plus and PACE, simply provide Cardinus with each participants details, edit the email campaign to match your style, and agree on dates.  PACE will automate the rest and reports are consistently shared quantifying the reduction of your participants issues.


 To test the reduction process, please call us today at 877-404-8182 or click here to contact us by e-mail.

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