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Kneeling Ergonomic Chair – A progressive spin on ergonomic seating.

September 13th, 2010 12:53pm

Do you get back and neck pain because of the uncomfortable chair your using within the office each day? You can replace a hard and uncomfortable office chair with a kneeling ergonomic chair. It’s a terrific alternative to the conventional chair and takes pressure off your backbone by transferring your weight to your shins. They are ergonomically created and permit the hips as well as thighs to remain at a 160 degree angle.

Make it a point to grasp how a kneeling chair can help with your posture and back. A kneeling ergonomic chair aligns the neck, Varier Kneeling Chairshoulders and back to the office desk in front of you. Instead of leaning forward like you would on a standard chair, a kneeling chair ...



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