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Standing tall at the office

November 2nd, 2010 5:41pm - Posted By: Heather McWilliams, BCBR

October 29, 2010 --

ERIE — For workers tethered to a desk by a phone, keyboard, computer and other modern office equipment, sitting down on the job can be a real pain. A pain in the neck, in the back or in any other joint caused by improper position or equipment use. For many the solution can be simple: stand up.

“Our bodies are not made to be static, especially in a seated position,” said Nick McElhiney, owner of Erie-based Ergonomic Evolution LLC. As a certified ergonomic assessment specialist, McElhiney evaluates how humans interact with their work station and suggests changes to prevent or reverse injuries caused by everyday tasks such as talking on the phone or typing on a keyboard.

“In a nut shell, I teach people how to sit at a desk,” McElhiney said, and more and more frequently he teaches people not to just sit but to stand.

“Old school ergonomics was about getting people in this perfect posit ...



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Kneeling Ergonomic Chair – A progressive spin on ergonomic seating.

September 13th, 2010 12:53pm

Do you get back and neck pain because of the uncomfortable chair your using within the office each day? You can replace a hard and uncomfortable office chair with a kneeling ergonomic chair. It’s a terrific alternative to the conventional chair and takes pressure off your backbone by transferring your weight to your shins. They are ergonomically created and permit the hips as well as thighs to remain at a 160 degree angle.

Make it a point to grasp how a kneeling chair can help with your posture and back. A kneeling ergonomic chair aligns the neck, Varier Kneeling Chairshoulders and back to the office desk in front of you. Instead of leaning forward like you would on a standard chair, a kneeling chair ...



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Can worker hope to be safe at last?

July 29th, 2010 4:37pm

Can Workers Hope to Be Safe at Last?

Tuesday 02 March 2010

by: Dick Meister, t r u t h o u t | Op-Ed

It’s called musculoskeletal disorder or MSD, the most common of the serious injuries suffered by US workers. But because corporate employers fear that greater public awareness would force them to spend more on job safety, MSD has remained one of the least understood of injuries.

The latest government figures show that more than 60 percent of the million or more on-the-job injuries reported annually are MSD-related. Some of the victims are permanently disabled, and many more have to take time off from work while their injuries heal.

The victims include computer operators, factory and construction workers, meat and poultry processors, hospital and restaurant employees, ...



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Knowing what causes your back pain can help you solve it.

July 29th, 2010 3:34pm

Back pain can make it hard to do your job. Understanding what causes workplace back pain can help you avoid it.
Whether it’s dull and annoying or screaming for attention, back pain can make it hard to concentrate on your job.

Many occupations — such as nursing, construction and factory work — may place significant demands on your back. Even routine office work can worsen back pain if you fall into risky habits.
But you often can avoid back pain and injuries by understanding what causes them and focusing on prevention.
What causes back injuries?
Doctors aren’t sure about all of the causes of back pain. In fact, most back problems are probably the result of a combination of factors. Some factors, such as family history, aren’t preventable. You can control other factors, such as weight, fitness and flexibility, by changing your lifestyle. Still other factors are work related, and you ...



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